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What Are Our Investors Saying?


Lori Schramek Classic Home Mortage

Lori Schramek Classic Home Mortgage

“As a new investor of The Shelby County Chamber I have met so many new people and so many businesses I didn’t know existed here in my own backyard. Being an investor has given me many opportunities to network and more importantly support my hard working neighbors. If given the opportunity to support a Shelby County business over another I will always choose Shelby County! This is a great place to live and work! The staff at the Chamber have been so friendly and encouraging to me that it has been so easy to get involved. If you aren’t an investor, you should be!”

Lori Schramek, Loan Officer
Classic Home Mortgage


Steve Johnson, Area Director, Greystone Living

Steve Johnson Greystone Living

“When we decided to invest in the Greater Shelby County Chamber in the Fall of 2015, we hoped to see a return on that investment within the first year.  Well, thanks to all of the opportunities this Chamber provides, we’ve landed a five-figure client that is a 6,000% return on our investment.  Needless to say our investment in the Greater Shelby County Chamber has been extremely valuable to our company, and well worth our time and money.”

Steve Johnson, Area Director, Greystone Living
Hoover, AL


Cynthia Bertolone,Owner Cake Art by Cynthia Bertolone

Cynthia Bertolone, Owner of Cake Art


“Being part of The Shelby County Chamber is a great way of meeting other small businesses who support each other to grow and venture in becoming successful. Thank you to the Chamber for the encouragement and words of wisdom.”

Cynthia Bertolone
Owner of Cake Art by Cynthia Bertolone


Trisston Wright Burrows Moore Coal Company, Inc.

Trisston Wright Burrows Moore Coal Company, Inc.

“The Shelby County Chamber allows me to better connect and serve our customers by creating an environment that enhances Moore Coal Company’s visibility throughout Shelby County. The Chamber provides the opportunity to meet businesses we want to align with and serve, but most importantly our investment allows access to direct connections, chamber programs and outstanding business support. We greatly appreciate how this Chamber has served our company and provided a quantifiable return on our investment.”

Trisston Wright Burrows, Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Moore Coal Company, Inc. (MCC Commercial Waste Removal & Recycling)



Cindy Edmunds ARC Realty

Cindy Edmunds ARC Realty

“Joining The Shelby County Chamber just may be the best decision we’ve made since we started.  Everything this Chamber offers – business networking opportunities, one-on-one business consulting, workshops and the increased visibility we receive as investors – has benefited our company.  We realize that making this annual investment is something we need to do to keep our business moving forward.”

Cindy Edmunds, Agent
ARC Realty



Steve Korson Inverness Country Club

“The Shelby County Chamber’s “Go & Grow” workshops may be some of the best training opportunities available. I experienced an open dialogue and personal interaction during the sessions which I found extremely valuable.  I was pleasantly surprised knowing that you don’t often receive this at a seminar-type event.  We look forward to attending more of these hands-on and interactive training opportunities in the future.”

Steve Korson, General Manager
Inverness Country Club


Laura McAnany

Laura McAnany Lhoist North America

“Quite honestly, given our type of business, we don’t always have the time or the opportunity to attend a Monthly Community Luncheon or some other Chamber networking event.  But we are investors because we understand that The Shelby County Chamber is working to make our community an even better place to live and do business. With programs that enhance the education of our future employee base and provide informational opportunities for our employees’ families, the Chamber is working to enhance our employee’s lives.”

Laura McAnany, Director of Alabama Lime Operations
Lhoist North America


Cory Shoultz

Cory Shoultz
Spectrum Business

“I am involved with the Chamber first and foremost because I believe in giving back to my community.  The Chamber does an excellent job of this in many ways.  It promotes new businesses and retains existing business.  They work hard to promote our education system.  I work in direct sales and 11% of my business has come as a direct result of my involvement with the Chamber. I serve on the Small Business Work Group.  That, combined with the Monthly Community Luncheons don’t take near the 4 hours of benefit I get from being active in the Chamber. That being said, find an area that makes sense for your business, get involved and get active!”

Cory Shoultz, Business Account Executive
Spectrum Business, 824-5414


David Schlueter

David Schlueter
Buck Creek Stained Glass

“I own Buck Creek Stained Glass in Helena and sometimes it is hard to get my artwork out in the media. I posted a picture to Facebook and the Chamber re-posted the picture to their page. Within hours I was being contacted because the picture had been shared so many times from the Chamber page. I sold the stained glass by the end of the day! Being an investor with The Shelby County Chamber doesn’t cost — it pays!”

David Schlueter, Owner
Buck Creek Stained Glass


Susan Lehman

Susan Lehman
Keller Williams Realty

“For a real estate agent like me, getting to know new people and developing new, lasting relationships is critical to building and maintaining my business. Volunteering as an Ambassador with The Shelby County Chamber has afforded me the opportunity to do just that. As a result, I was able to sell over $2 million in homes this past year alone.  In the process, and even more importantly, thanks to the Chamber, I have met so many wonderful people and have developed professional and personal friendships which will last a lifetime.”

Susan Lehman
Keller Williams, REALTOR


Casey Morris

Casey Morris
Ground Up Coffee & Smoothies

“Joining The Shelby County Chamber is great for any organization because people respect you and know that you are going to do a great job! I sponsored the breakfast for the Sporting Clay Shoot the Chamber hosted!  After the event more than 10 people stopped by our store for coffee and hot chocolate. The Chamber is an awesome way to make connections and build your business.”

Casey Morris, Owner
Ground Up Coffee & Smoothies located inside Snider’s Phamacy, Chelsea


Butch Byrd

Butch Byrd Ballantrae Golf Club

“The Chamber is more than just getting business contacts. It is about interpersonal relationships that help to build your business. It is a great way to network with people who all share a common goal: to grow their business. The Chamber is a great support system for any business in the community. There are investors to help you or teach you something new all the time. The Chamber is a must for any business!”

Butch Byrd, Golf Pro
Ballantrae Golf Club
620-GOLF (4653)



Vicki Everett

Vicki Everett
Juice Plus +

“The Shelby County Chamber is more than just people it is relationships and friends. The Chamber, to me, is my family and has helped me reach people that ordinarily I would not be able to meet. I was welcomed with warmth and hospitality and I have grown my business exponentially with the Chamber’s help. The Chamber is a great investment for any business!”

Vicki Everett
Juice Plus +


Randy Jinks

Randy Jinks
Alabama State Parks

“I reached out to The Shelby County Chamber to assist us in promoting “The Baumhower Shrimp Fest & BBQ” that was held at Oak Mountain State Park.  The Chamber added the event to their online event calendar plus promoted it on all social media sites.  The event was more successful than we ever imagined and the Chamber’s support in those final 48 hours helped turn people out. We were hoping for between 300 and 500 people.  Near the end of the event Baumhowers folks had served over 800 plates.”

Randy Jinks, Marketing and Advertising Manager
Alabama State Parks, 334-328-6720


Crystal NeVille High Noon STRESSBUSTER

Crystal NeVille High Noon STRESSBUSTER


“I ordered a print job from a non-investor for an event, and on the day of pick up the price had risen, and quite a bit. In a hurry, I visited Office Depot. Since I was a Shelby County Chamber investor, I got an exclusive discount, my books were printed on time, and came in under budget. I knew about the Chamber’s networking opportunities, but the investor-only discounts were new to me, and it saved me time and money. This experience alone saved me more than the cost of my investment!”

Crystal NeVille, Founder


Megan Champion

Megan Champion
The Happy Catering, Co.

“Ever since I “liked” The Shelby County Chamber Facebook page, I’ve been more informed of opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow Chamber investors.  Most recently, there was a Ribbon Cutting for a new Chamber investor that was posted.  I attended the event and made several possible contacts for our Catering company.  Our investment in the Greater Shelby County Chamber doesn’t cost – it pays!”

Megan Champion, Customer Service Manager
The Happy Catering Company, 251-8925



Courtney Waldron

Courtney Waldron
Virginia College


“The friendly reception we’ve received since joining The Shelby County Chamber has been amazing. Whenever my colleagues and I can attend a Chamber function, we’re able to make several new business contacts that help us grow our market.  We appreciate the variety of events this Chamber organizes, which makes us more visible in the community.  We look forward to many successful partnerships with the contacts we make within the Greater Shelby County Chamber!”

Courtney Waldron, Market Development Manager
Virginia College, 910-5543


John Tuner Turner Promotions

John Turner
Turner Promotions

“Whenever I can attend a Greater Shelby County Chamber function I’m able to make several new business contacts. In fact, at my very first luncheon which I attended, I made a contact for some new business that paid for my annual investment right away.  Now, not all of the individuals I meet end up being customers, but they have friends and business associates so the networking goes beyond just the people we meet at a Chamber events.”

John Turner, Owner
Turner Promotions


Interested in joining The Shelby County Chamber? Join online or contact Keyla Handley, Director of Community & Investor Development at 663-4542, ext. 106 or email keyla@shelbychamber.org for more details.