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What Are Our Investors Saying?


Maurice Mercer KATs Delivery

“I made a decision to invest in The Shelby County Chamber a few years ago because of the networking and business services for small businesses. As a new business owner, the chamber was vital part in my growth as a leader. I felt fortunate when KATs Delivery was nominated to be small business of the year 2018 by my peers and then successful in clinching the award in 2019. I have continued to stay involved and support other small businesses.”

Maurice Mercer
Owner, KATs Delivery
(205) 624-0777


Dr. Timothy J. Ansley, O.D. Inverness Eye Care

“At Inverness Eye Care we are committed to providing the highest  quality of care for our patients, and our investment in The Shelby County Chamber helps us do just that by connecting us with our community. As a member of the Shelby Chamber’s Health Services Work Group, we have been able to speak on Eye Health in the Workplace during the 8th annual Healthcare Professional of the year and connect with business owners concerned about the health and wellness of their employees. The Shelby County Chamber is a staple in our community, and they strive to do what’s best for the businesses and residents in our county!”

Dr. Timothy J. Ansley, O.D.
President- Alabama Eye Partners LLC
Inverness Eye Care


Khiari McAlpin Vinehouse Nursery

“I’m a relatively new business owner.  When I first “opened” Vinehouse Nursery, I thought I was ready.  I quickly realized there was a lot that I didn’t know.  The Shelby County Chamber has been a truly worthwhile investment for us, and the Chamber has continued to offer valuable advice, marketing and a wealth of information which has truly been instrumental in our success.  I would strongly recommend any small business taking advantage of all the resources which our Chamber has to offer.”

Khiari McAlpin
Owner, Vinehouse Nursery
(205) 564-8564

Michelle Harrell LockCorp


“Business networking at The Shelby County Chamber works!  At my very first event – before I even decided to invest in the Chamber – I met someone who was looking for locksmith services. Then, at my second event I made even more potential business contacts, I would not have made elsewhere. We know we won’t get a contract every time where at a Shelby County Chamber event, but feel positive that the business contacts we do make will more than pay for our annual investment.  If you’re a small business in Shelby County, and you’re looking to grow your business, investing in this Chamber may be one of the best decisions you make.”

Michelle Harrell
Co-Owner, LockCorp, Inc.


Ken Sawyer Sawyer Solutions, LLC

“Shelby County is a great place to live and do business, and The Shelby County Chamber is one of the big reasons why this is true! Our business has experienced consistent growth as we have taken advantage of the numerous business networking opportunities that are available.  We also really appreciate the collaborative partnership between the Chamber, the County and all of our municipalities spelled out in “ShelbyOne – Next Level Up!” – their five-year strategic plan. When you also recognize the Chamber’s efforts in business development and support, career readiness and all the ways in which it supports our County, I think you’ll better understand why I believe the future here is so bright!  If your organization isn’t a Shelby County Chamber investor yet, we’d strongly recommend it!”

Ken Sawyer, CEO of Sawyer Solutions, LLC.

(844) 448-7767


Laurie Stroud Birmingham Christian Family Magazine


“We are in the business of spreading Good News and being an investor in the Shelby Chamber helps us do that by connecting us with businesses as well as readers we can serve. The Chamber staff acts as an extension to my team- always upbeat, quick to respond, and determined to help in any way they can to see my business succeed.”
Laurie Stroud, Owner
Birmingham Christian Family Magazine
(205) 408-7150



Steve Johnson, Area Director, Greystone Living

Steve Johnson Greystone Living

“When we decided to invest in The Shelby County Chamber in the Fall of 2015, we hoped to see a return on that investment within the first year.  Well, thanks to all of the opportunities this Chamber provides, we’ve landed a five-figure client that is a 6,000% return on our investment.  Needless to say our investment in the Greater Shelby County Chamber has been extremely valuable to our company, and well worth our time and money.”

Steve Johnson, Area Director, Greystone Living
Hoover, AL
(205) 902-7177


Vicki Everett

Vickie Everett Juice Plus


“The Shelby County Chamber is more than just people it is relationships and friends. The Chamber, to me, is my family and has helped me reach people that ordinarily I would not be able to meet. I was welcomed with warmth and hospitality and I have grown my business exponentially with the Chamber’s help. The Chamber is a great investment for any business!”

Vicki Everett
Juice Plus +
(205) 332-5255


Trisston Wright Burrows Moore Coal Company, Inc.

Trisston Wright Burrows Moore Coal Company, Inc.

“The Shelby County Chamber allows me to better connect and serve our customers by creating an environment that enhances Moore Coal Company’s visibility throughout Shelby County. The Chamber provides the opportunity to meet businesses we want to align with and serve, but most importantly our investment allows access to direct connections, chamber programs and outstanding business support. We greatly appreciate how this Chamber has served our company and provided a quantifiable return on our investment.”

Trisston Wright Burrows, Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Moore Coal Company, Inc. (MCC Commercial Waste Removal & Recycling)
(205) 424-2705



Cindy Edmunds ARC Realty

Cindy Edmunds ARC Realty

“Joining The Shelby County Chamber just may be the best decision we’ve made since we started.  Everything this Chamber offers – business networking opportunities, one-on-one business consulting, workshops and the increased visibility we receive as investors – has benefited our company.  We realize that making this annual investment is something we need to do to keep our business moving forward.”

Cindy Edmunds, Agent
ARC Realty
(205) 969-8910



Steve Korson Inverness Country Club

“The Shelby County Chamber’s “Go & Grow” workshops may be some of the best training opportunities available. I experienced an open dialogue and personal interaction during the sessions which I found extremely valuable.  I was pleasantly surprised knowing that you don’t often receive this at a seminar-type event.  We look forward to attending more of these hands-on and interactive training opportunities in the future.”

Steve Korson, General Manager
Inverness Country Club
(205) 991-8608


John Tuner Turner Promotions

John Turner
Turner Promotions

“Whenever I can attend a Greater Shelby County Chamber function I’m able to make several new business contacts. In fact, at my very first luncheon which I attended, I made a contact for some new business that paid for my annual investment right away.  Now, not all of the individuals I meet end up being customers, but they have friends and business associates so the networking goes beyond just the people we meet at a Chamber events.”

John Turner, Owner
Turner Promotions
(205) 983-2167


Interested in joining The Shelby County Chamber? Join online or contact Chris Williams, Manager of Investor Development at (205) 663-4542, ext. 103 or email chris@shelbychamber.org for more details.