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ShelbyOne – 2013-2017 FIVE YEAR INITIATIVE

KEY PERFORMANCE RESULTS (Through December, 2017)

Business Support and Development

Goal: Survey a minimum of 200 existing businesses to identify their current and future labor needs and assist them in their expansion and recruiting efforts.

Outcome: Conducted 246 existing business meeting surveys to express appreciation for their decision to locate in Shelby County, and discuss any challenges, opportunities and training needs they have.

Goal: Develop a full economic development partnership with SCEIDA to create 250 new jobs and assist existing Shelby County businesses to grow and thrive.

1. Created a total of 737 new and business expansion jobs and over $416 million in new investment.

2. Collaborated with Shelby County on creation of 58 INC, the new county-wide economic development organization created to recruit a smart mix of retail, commercial and industrial firms.

Goal: Assist 25 new start-up businesses through the Chamber Advisory Center.

Outcome: Provided direct assistance to 51 entrepreneurs and small business owners—overseen by “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” Michael Smith as part of the Chamber’s Business Support Center effort.

Community Development

Goal: Identify and convene countywide resources and leadership to collaborate on programming focused on key work force education issues.

Outcome: Launched career readiness programming in collaboration with all three Shelby County School Systems (Alabaster, Pelham and Shelby County) and several private schools:

1. “Keeping it Real” for 9th graders (initiated 2013)
2013 = 984 students; 2014 = 2,376 students; 2015 = 2,565 students; 2016 = 2,451 students; 2017 = 2,376

2. “Career Awareness Fair” for 10th graders (initiated 2015)
2015 = 2,000 plus students; 2016 = 2,200 plus students; 2017: 1,500+ students.

3. “Communication Matters” (initiated 2015)
2015 = 600 plus students; 2016 = 2,290 plus students; 2017 = $1,483 students.

4. “Student and Educator of the Year” (initiated 2014)
2014 = 53 nominations; 2015 = 59 nominations; 2016 = 60 nominations; 2017 = 67 nominations.

Goal: Partner with community leaders to develop and expand health care opportunities unique to Shelby County.


1. Launched the monthly “health focus of the month” and annual “Healthy Lifestyles Expo” promoting the positive impact healthy lifestyles have on our businesses and our citizens throughout Shelby County.

2. Created annual “Healthcare Professional of the Year” program which recognizes the broad
variety of disciplines, and the positive economic impact which healthcare professions have on
Shelby County.

Government Relations

Goal: Build collaborations among the 17 municipalities and unincorporated areas of Shelby County to address specific issues impacting business.

Outcome: Created quarterly Mayors Roundtable Program to ensure critical business and community issues are “on the table” with Shelby County public officials.

Goal: Promote and host two forums per year with State Legislators to discuss legislative issues that affect business, education and quality of life in Shelby County.

1. Host Annual Legislative Preview Meeting with Shelby County’s State Legislative Delegation prior to Legislative Session in Montgomery, and convene annual Shelby County leadership “Montgomery Drive-In” during the Legislative Session in Montgomery.

2. Established process for developing an Annual Public Policy Agenda.

3. Developed and released annual Public Policy Agenda since 2013.

4. Convened annual “Eggs & Issues” events to deliver and discuss pivotal Shelby County business and community issues at the Federal levels.

5. Hosted Candidates’ Forums for a variety of elections: local mayoral races in 2012 and 2016, Sheriff race in 2014, state legislative races in 2016 and federal races in 2014 and 2017 special election.

Marketing and Communications

Goal: Market and re-brand Shelby County and The Shelby County Chamber to both internal and external audiences.


1. Increased readership of Chamber Newsletter (Business Connections) to 25,000 plus.

2. Increased the number of news stories regarding Chamber programming by proactively generating press releases and writing guest editorials and columns.

3. Created and grew our presence on social media outlets via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Instagram.